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“Still biking Grant?” is a question I’ve been asked many times throughout my life, by friends or different people that I’ve met along the way. Riding a bike has been such a big part of what I do, it’s hard to imagine it not being the case. I think it’s the momentum, freedom and just being outside, that I love so much



Peak District 100: Part 1

A good friend of mine, Phil Gayes lives on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District. Phil G has cycled for years, and is a mine of information when it comes to the roads and trails of this very hilly area.

Phil has been kind enough to introduce Emma and I to a number of great routes within the Peak District. As a result of this, a couple of hilly loops have become firm favourites. These have been labelled G1 an G2. Okay, not particularly glamorous titles, but that’s just a bland disguise for some of the intricate lanes and fabulous views of the Peak Park.

These routes weave their way though two areas of the Peak District. One being known as White Peak, the other Dark Peak. Each has its own distinctive landscape. White Peak holds many, relatively small steep sided valleys, carved by beautiful rivers and streams. Dark Peak, more open and rugged, with climbs that elevate and offer views across expanses of hilly landscape.

These areas neighbour each other, and a cyclist with a reasonable capacity for climbing can create routes that visit both areas on the same day. This saves the the dilemma of having to try and choose a favourite area.

Our cycling has gradually taken a leaning to longer days on the bike. This gives the opportunity to be a little more imaginative with routes. This has created some great days, but also a few that have been a little longer than expected! Thankfully Emma has a sense of humour and always carries extra food!

G1 and G2 are both about fifty miles long, and have incredibly jagged profiles (Phil G tends to be really good at squeezing maximum height gain into Peak District miles). Joining the two routes had crossed my mind a few years ago, but other than talking about the potential, I had managed to throw the idea back into a dark corner, away from other more sensible ideas!

Emma and I had been fortunate to have experienced a fabulous bike trip to Italy in July, and returned full of enthusiasm to carry on riding up hills for as long as the legs would allow, and the weather made it pleasant to do so. With this being the situation, it seemed the right time to head out to the Peaks and try out the G1, G2 combination.

For some reason we were heading out slightly later than normal, but if the first half of the ride went to plan, there would be time for the second half too. (It was possible to start at a point where the two routes touch. This gave the option to add the second half and top up on food and water). Continue reading “Peak District 100: Part 1”

South Lake District Ride

Blog Post by Emma

The Lake District is beautiful all year round, but especially so during Autumn.  Fortunately, we can reach this fabulous place in around two hours, so we regularly visit the area for road cycling day trips.

Our route in the South Lake District is fifty miles long, starting from Staveley.  It’s definitely a climbers ride with plenty of hills to go at, including a couple of particularly steep ones!  It was a lovely autumn day with very little breeze, unusual for this part of the world.  Headwinds on the Kirkstone Pass can make for a tough start to this ride, but thankfully the air was unusually still.

Our jersey pockets were packed with ride fuel, this is not a ride where you want to go hungry!  We opted for one Le Roulier energy ball each, from The Pedal Bites pack of three, to give us a little pre-ride boost…. breakfast was a long time ago!  I love the flavour of cocoa and the natural sweetness of the prunes.


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Ride Out to Elkstones, (Staffordshire Moorlands / Peak District): Sleep & Flapjack

Blog Post by Emma: 19th Sept 2015

Since we came back from our trip to Italy, we’ve crammed in some great riding at weekends. Over the last few days I’ve started to feel pretty shattered, but when I recounted the rides we’d done in the six weeks since Italy, I realised why!! In that six week period we’d done three Lake District rides, including the leg-grinder six-pass loop, two century rides (one hilly and one one super-hilly in the Peak District). We nearly always ride both Saturday and Sunday, so on our non-hilly day, there would still be an endurance ride. I love the days out, when we pack up our bikes and kit, load up the car (that’s Grant’s job, I look after the catering!), and head out to the Lake District or Peak District. But all the early starts had caught up with me, and so we decided to grab a lie-in and ride from home this weekend.

Our ride took us out through Barlaston, across to Moddershall, Wetley Rocks, then onto Meerbrook, where the steep climbs begin. We climbed up Roche Grange which is super steep, then onto the top of the beautiful, heather-strewn Roaches. The next toughie is the narrow, winding road up to Flash, the highest village in England. There is a defibrillator on the wall of the pub at the top, this always makes me smile… it there for the huffing and puffing cyclists?! I’m not making jest of this, it’s great that such things are on hand in isolated, rural areas.


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