Blog Post by Grant

Sometimes it is the less costly, easily overlooked products that make our time on the bike that bit better. I have found Purple Extreme Synthetic chain lube to be one of these.

I’ve tried so many different chain lubes over the years, some working better than others, but Purple Extreme has proven the best for my cycling.

It works perfectly for my road and mountain biking throughout the year. I think the only time I would choose a different chain lube would be for the extremely wet gritty winter riding that I’ve experienced in the Derbyshire Peak District. In this situation, Finish Line Wet Lube seems to hang on in there that little bit longer!

Why do I like the Purple Extreme Lube?

I think the main feature is that it deals with riding in both wet and dry conditions really well. This means I don’t need to have a number of different bottles of chain lube either in the house or with me on bike trips.

The lube is not a thick liquid, making it easy to apply, and when allowed to dry overnight, the lube runs virtually dry. This is great, in that it does not attract and hold dust and dirt during rides, and also minimises the potential of it transferring onto clothing and the like, when setting up or transporting bikes (although if this does happen, it seems to wash out).

I tend to re-lube the chain after a weekend of road cycling (approximately 100 to 150 miles), or after three evening rides. The only change to this is after a dusty mountain bike ride. In the dry, dusty conditions, the lube seems to disappear a little quicker. In this scenario, I wipe the chain over and apply more Purple Extreme after each ride.

The manufacturer recommends that the chain is degreased prior to the Purple Extreme lube being applied. It’s fine to ride straight after applying the lube, but it is best left overnight to dry.

After the initial degreasing and applying Purple Extreme lube to a new chain, I then keep a chain running clean by using the Big Wipes (see photo). These wipes are great for removing residues from the chain before re-lubing. I have not found that the wipes are sufficient to replace a periodic degrease, but they do reduce the frequency that this is needed.

The combination of these two products has enabled me to keep our bikes running smoothly and quietly throughout numerous three week bike trips, which have involved cycling in varied ride conditions.

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