Blog post by Grant

I am always on the look out for road cycling kit that may assist in me being more visible when out on the bike.

This has generally resulted in me buying into bright coloured clothing, which may assist in being more noticeable in the day, but left a reliance on a modest amount of reflective tabs and branding when riding in the dark.

Riding in the darkness was generally just winter evenings, but some of my favourite rides of 2015 have involved riding into dusk. These rides have rewarded us with views of fabulous sunsets and skylines.

Thankfully my increase in nocturnal cycling has coincided with more products being available that have a significant amount of reflectance included within their design.

When I saw the Rapha Race Cape in Data Print, it seemed an ideal way to add more visibility when riding into the darkness, as the green part of the design is highly reflective.

As I owned an earlier Race Cape without the Data Print pattern, I was already reassured in the jacket’s properties: it packs well, is lightweight and weatherproof.

More subtle features that I really appreciate are the zipped arm cuffs and how easily the main zip functions. Things like this really make a difference when the jacket is on and off due to descending, then climbing, or if hands are a little numb or cold.

The Rapha Pro Team range is quite close fitting and is formed in a shape that is appropriate when on the bike, the front panel being shorter than the back and the arms being of a length which factors in reach. The jacket’s minimal design avoids unnecessary fabric that could flap around, creating drag and noise.

Having used a Race Cape over a number of seasons, I can vouch that the jacket responds very well to washing and reproofing with the appropriate Rapha aftercare products.

If you have the unfortunate situation of the jacket becoming damaged, Rapha do offer an excellent repair service.

If you are looking for a lightweight, waterproof jacket for cycling, and you’re quite particular about the user-friendliness of the product features, I would suggest you take a look at the Rapha Race Cape.