Review by Grant

Although I am not a competitive cyclist, I have a desire to ride frequently, and be healthy. Part of achieving this is to eat good foods which complement an active lifestyle.

I have used Torq nutrition for many years. This is largely due to the amount of effort the brand puts into formulating each product, and the type and quality of ingredients they use. Their range has become very comprehensive, and covers the requirements of energy, hydration, and recovery. Each product is generally offered in a number of different flavours, to cater for differing taste preferences.

Torq formulate their nutrition on scientific research data, and the ingredients they select are natural, and where possible certified as Organic, some have the Fairtrade mark. No artificial flavours, chemical sweeteners, or colours are used.

When the process of recovery is made as effective as possible, the potential to maximise your training or feel good during exercise returns more quickly. I use Torq Recovery as part of achieving this, and consume the product after each bike ride. This also includes after an active recovery ride and stretching, which follows the weekend.

A trip to the mountains of Europe features within my annual cycling calendar. To help deal with the additional physical challenge this creates, I also use Torq Recovery Plus Hot Cocoa drink during the trip. It tastes fabulous, and both myself and partner, Emma have felt a noticeable benefit from using this product, when riding several days in a row in the mountains.


Torq Recovery is very easy to include in your post-exercise routine. The product is in the form of a powder, which is mixed with water to form a drink. The ratio of water and powder used is relative to the weight of the individual. Torq provide guidance on this on the product packaging.

The optimum time to consume the Recovery drink is within 15 minutes of finishing exercise. This can be made easy by preparing the drink before the ride and storing in the fridge, in readiness for your return. If travelling to an event or ride, creating the Recovery drink can be readily achieved by taking either dry powder or an individual sachet, and sufficient water to form the correct mixture.

My personal favourite is the Cookies and Cream flavour. This flavour is mild and creamy without being overly sweet. Other options are Mandarin Yogurt, Banana and Mango, Chocolate Mint and Strawberries and Cream.

Torq have a wealth of information available via their web website, and they use the four R’s of recovery to assist the understanding of the process.  The four R’s represent “Rehydrate”, “Replenish”, “Repair and Rebuild” and “Recharge”.  Torq Recovery is formulated to assist in all of these processes. This ranges from containing sodium to aid the uptake of fluids, fast absorbing carbohydrate to support the reinstatement of muscle glycogen, protein to help muscles repair and rebuild, and Ribose, which is an ingredient to aid the muscle cells in recharging with energy.

Torq Recovery is a fabulous product, but for it to work as effectively as possible, it should be complemented by fuelling correctly whilst exercising (potentially through the use of Torq Energy products), and ensuring a healthy diet is sustained.

For more information about Torq products and nutrition, I would recommend visiting the Torq website,