Review by Grant

Having tried a handful of items from Velobici’s line of road cycling clothing, I was really looking forward to the Verne Jersey and Shorts becoming available. Velobici chose to release the line on St George’s day, the Patron Saint of England, which seems in keeping with the brand sourcing their fabrics and manufacturing within the UK.

At a glance, cycling clothing can look very similar, but as with many things, it’s all in the detail.

After using garments from a number of different brands, I have found that only a small number offer the fit, quality and design details that makes their clothing perform really well. The Velobici Verne Jersey and Shorts are in the top tier of this category.

The Jersey

The Verne Jersey is manufactured from VB/Pro-VR1 (190g) fabric. This is the brand’s lighter jersey fabric grade, and the Verne is described as a Spring, Summer, Autumn garment.

It’s a fabulous fabric and this plays a large part of what makes the Verne such a superb jersey. The VB/Pro-VR1 fabric is soft to the touch, stretches to assist fit, comfort, and ease of movement. It also provides UVA and UVB protection.

When using the jersey, it’s easy to notice how well the fabric transfers moisture, drys quickly and resists the wind. These qualities can really make those long days on the bike more comfortable and enjoyable.

The jersey is close fitting, and is shaped to match the position we take when on the bike. The front of the jersey is shorter to avoid fabric bunching, the rear panel longer to ensure coverage, even when on the drops.

Part of what makes this jersey that little bit special, is its versatility and comfort. I have used it for short evening rides after work, to eight hours plus days in the hills. It’s simply the case of putting the jersey on, place the kit you need in the pockets, after this, the garment seems to disappear. It’s that comfortable.

Great design features:

The jersey pocket design is formed in Velobici’s classy and very functional curved top profile. This is fabulous when carrying a rain cape, as the deeper pocket retains this type of cargo very easily. The slightly shallower pockets are great for essentials such as multi tool, bars, gels and phone. There is also a waterproof zipped valuables pocket.


The jersey features a full length zip design. This makes for easy on and off, and regulating temperature. The zip runs smooth and the tab is easy to grip. This is something I noticed when looking to cool off whilst riding up one of the Lake District’s many 20% plus gradients. The zip detailing also ensures neighbouring garments are not damaged by the mechanism. This is something I have experienced with other brands, as I said, it’s all in the detail!

To manage any variation in temperatures, I used either a t-shirt or sleeveless base layer of varying weight and fabric type. The stretch within the VB fabric ensured comfort and was not compromised when layering.

Seamless silicone grippers are positioned at the hem line and arms of the jersey. These are comfortable and efficient. A noticeable feature of this jersey’s performance is that the pockets can be loaded up with all that is needed for a long day in the saddle, and as long a little logic is applied to where cargo is placed, the jersey stays in position and keeps its form whilst riding. This was a real plus point, as the need to be constantly correcting the position of a jersey can really detract from the enjoyment of being out on the bike.

Velobici offer the jersey in two colours, gold or grey. I personally like to wear brighter colours for my road cycling, so opted for the gold. The classy styling is something I really like, and the embroidered “Verne” on the arm and “VB” logo on the chest add to the stylish finishing touches. A subtle feature which I really like, is the Velobici brand name within the arm, hem and pocket trim, which is light reflective.


The finish quality of the jersey is superb, with all of the stitching and seams being neat and consistent throughout. The care of the garment is easy, as it’s machine washable at 40 degrees. The fabric retains its original look and feel really well.

Having used the Verne for a variety of rides in the UK, I currently deem it as one of the best jerseys I have ever used. I am looking forward to using the jersey in the Pyrenees in the summer. This will give the opportunity to test it in a warmer climate (I am already praying for good weather) and give feedback on its long term use, so more info to follow. However, if you already like the sound of the jersey, I would get an order placed soon as I believe they are selling quickly! (Velobici provide size guidance within their Web site. I found the measurement guidance to be very accurate, and a medium jersey and small shorts are perfect).


The Shorts

The Verne shorts are a bib design formed in Velobici’s VB/Pro VR1 fabric, using flat lock seams. The fabric is very soft to the touch, and the pad is superb. This combination makes these shorts incredibly comfortable.

The fabric used has the same blend of properties which are present within the jersey. The stretch and moisture transfer qualities of the fabric really contribute to the consistent comfort the shorts provide thought a ride. This is really noticeable during the warm summer days.

The pad is formed using a foam carving technology. This process is used to remove unnecessary material, and ensures comfort where foam density changes. The shorts also have some stylish features, with “Verne” embroidered within the rear panel and “VB” logo on the leg. When worn as a set, the jersey and shorts combined, look really good.

The quality of finish and ease of care is consistent with the jersey.

I have worn the Verne shorts for a number of long days on the bike. The comfort of the shorts has been tested whilst climbing the steep gradients of the Lake District, to riding in excess of 120 miles of rolling countryside.

I am respectful that fit and comfort of shorts is very much a matter of individual and personal preference, but I have found Velobici’s Verne shorts extremely comfortable and well made. From conversation with the guys at Velobici, they receive very consistent, positive feedback about the comfort of the shorts within their range.

As this is the case, I will certainly be buying more of their shorts in both the standard and thermal fabrics.  To find out more go to Website