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“Still biking Grant?” is a question I’ve been asked many times throughout my life, by friends or different people that I’ve met along the way. Riding a bike has been such a big part of what I do, it’s hard to imagine it not being the case. I think it’s the momentum, freedom and just being outside, that I love so much



Review: Pinarello Dogma K8-S

Review by Grant

I had been intrigued by the Pinarello Dogma K8-S since its release, but had always deemed it a bike most suited to cobbled or rough surfaces. As little of my road cycling involves this, I never thought that the K8-S would be anything more than another interesting frame design to be admired.

Reading a couple of magazine reviews had sustained my interest in the Dogma K8-S, so when the chance arose to ride one, it seemed to be too good an opportunity to miss.

Before heading out on a ride, l was keen to learn a little more about the K8-S.  Being able to look at the bike up close, it was possible to pick out some of the subtle design details that Pinarello had included.

The Dogma K8-S is formed from the same 1100k high modulus carbon that is used for the F8. The K8-S frame design incorporates a specific shaping into the carbon fibre stays, to enable a greater degree of directional flexibility than that of a conventional rear triangle. These work in conjunction with an elastomer shock located behind the seat tube. The shock can be made more or less firm by adjusting a dial that forms part of its outer case. I understand that this adjustment can be carried out using a specific tool, supplied by Pinarello.


The seat post of both the Dogma K8-S and F8 are secured in position via 2.5mm Allen bolts at the rear of the seat tube. The K8-S incorporates three of these, the F8 has two. This subtle detail is in keeping with how the K8-S allows the rider to remain seated and pedal through cobbled or rough surfaces.


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The Kit: Purple Extreme Synthetic Chain Lube

Blog Post by Grant

Sometimes it is the less costly, easily overlooked products that make our time on the bike that bit better. I have found Purple Extreme Synthetic chain lube to be one of these.

I’ve tried so many different chain lubes over the years, some working better than others, but Purple Extreme has proven the best for my cycling.

It works perfectly for my road and mountain biking throughout the year. I think the only time I would choose a different chain lube would be for the extremely wet gritty winter riding that I’ve experienced in the Derbyshire Peak District. In this situation, Finish Line Wet Lube seems to hang on in there that little bit longer!

Why do I like the Purple Extreme Lube?

I think the main feature is that it deals with riding in both wet and dry conditions really well. This means I don’t need to have a number of different bottles of chain lube either in the house or with me on bike trips.

The lube is not a thick liquid, making it easy to apply, and when allowed to dry overnight, the lube runs virtually dry. This is great, in that it does not attract and hold dust and dirt during rides, and also minimises the potential of it transferring onto clothing and the like, when setting up or transporting bikes (although if this does happen, it seems to wash out). Continue reading “The Kit: Purple Extreme Synthetic Chain Lube”


Blog Post by Grant

I think socks are a quirky and cool part of cycling and as a result, I’ve got loads of different pairs that I’ve collected over the years from mooching around cycling shops.

For me, the sock thing started when I was heavily into mountain biking. At the time, a lot of the new designs were coming from the American brands. Being super keen and wanting to be as up to date as possible, I would buy or subscribe to a number mountain bike magazines that were based in the USA. One of things that caught my eye was some fabulous kit the test riders were wearing. It was so different compared to what we could buy at the time in the UK. Lots of colours and patterns formed part of the different designs.

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The Cycle Show NEC

This was the third year Emma and myself had headed to the NEC for the Cycle Show. For me, this year’s show was the best so far.

I had enjoyed each visit, but this year the spread of fabulous products, information and publications made for a cycling fanatics dream day. To be honest, it would have been great to head back for at least another half day or so.

Over the last few years I have become a real fan of Pinarello bikes. The frame layout suits me, the finish quality is excellent and I like certain details such as the threaded bottom bracket.

Yellow, the UK Importer had a large stand displaying the 2016 bikes and their shop, The Bike Rooms was selling clothing.  The colours of the both the 2016 Dogma and new GAN bikes are really eye catching and were drawing the attention of most people visiting the display.  The folks on the Yellow stand are great to have a chat with, so that got the day off to a good start.

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