Blog Post by Grant

I think socks are a quirky and cool part of cycling and as a result, I’ve got loads of different pairs that I’ve collected over the years from mooching around cycling shops.

For me, the sock thing started when I was heavily into mountain biking. At the time, a lot of the new designs were coming from the American brands. Being super keen and wanting to be as up to date as possible, I would buy or subscribe to a number mountain bike magazines that were based in the USA. One of things that caught my eye was some fabulous kit the test riders were wearing. It was so different compared to what we could buy at the time in the UK. Lots of colours and patterns formed part of the different designs.

The bike trips to Canada and America created the perfect opportunity not only to ride fabulous trails……but I could also buy lots of socks!

Many of the designs included patterns and logos from toe to top. These ranged from shop logos to a spiders web. Some of these socks have become souvenirs representing different bike trips and fabulous times.


Emma hates the spider socks!

When I started getting into the road bike scene a lot of the clothing was quite reserved, with single colours forming part of the purposeful outfits that were available. Thankfully, progress in the sock market has led to more colour and images featuring in the high performance cycle clothing we can get now get our hands on.

I think I first spotted Sako socks on a photo on Instagram. This prompted me to search a bit more, and I discovered a number of brands and photos of quirky, colourful socks, such as HB Mustache and The Athletic. My collection has started to grow again…….indulging my sock habit, it’s going to be a hard one to kick.