It’s evolution………

I received a delivery of the Dottore L1 Bib Short during the Spring of 2016.

The temperatures outside were still too low to try them out, but I recall unboxing the shorts and being astounded by how light they were.  The fabric used to construct the Dottore L1 looked and felt so different to what I had either seen, or used before.  The chamois also affirmed quality in both its shape, smooth feel, and varying densities.

Having read and heard a lot of positive feedback about this product, first impressions certainly instilled an amount of excited anticipation for the warmer sunny days to arrive, so I could be out wearing this new item of kit.

Q36.5 set out to optimise the potential of technical fabrics to achieve numerous performance gains.  A  visible element of this is the raw cut finish used for the leg of the Dottore L1… this performs features later.

When putting on the shorts, the close fit is immediately apparent.  The tubular, fine mesh bib straps, and overall cut of the garment draw you forward, creating an “on bike” posture.

I distinctly remember the first ride in the Dottore L1 bib short.  There was no specific training agenda, I just  headed out from home on a warm sunny day, to check out the fit and feel.   They created the sensation of something melting onto my legs, without restricting the movement of pedalling.  The lack of conventional gripper contributed to this sensation being present throughout the length of the leg.

Even though this initial ride was quite short in both duration and distance, it was enough for me to recognise that the Dottore L1 was something special.  I used the bib short throughout the warmer months, both in the UK and abroad.  During that summer I also wore the Salopette L1, another bib short product by Q36.5

Using both of these shorts left me unable to choose a favourite.  In the main, it was the Dottore L1, but there were occasions when the less compressive Salopette L1 felt its equal due its own unique traits.

Choosing a favourite was soon made easy by Q36.5, as a running change to the Dottore L1 introduced an adjustment to the front area of the shorts, reducing compression in this location, and improving comfort.

From there on, the Dottore L1 became the short I would use when the ride was due to be challenging from either the terrain, distance, or both.  Beyond this, are there not days when we all just want to wear our best gear?

To simply label the Dottore L1 as “comfortable” is insufficient, there is much more….

The “Chamois Fusion” uses the benefits of sewn and thermo moulded techniques to place flexibility, breathability and softness in the appropriate area of the chamois, and density and support where the rider most needs this.  The chamois is formed and shaped to minimise pressure in certain areas but support where needed.

Q36.5 design the bib short to support and stabilise the upper body.   The leg of the shorts is also supportive, and offers the least resistance to the downward movement of the pedal stroke, and the high level of return in the upward.  This feature sets out to reduce the fatigue incurred from physical movement, and vibration from the road.

Other subtleties  are the inclusion of silver thread.  I had previously used sport clothing incorporating silver, primarily for its anti-bacterial properties,  Q36.5 do utilise the element for this, and its ability to radiate heat, but place most importance on its potential to insulate active muscles from electrostatic and magnetic interference present within our environment.

The fabric used to create the shorts receives treatment for water repellence prior to being woven.  This serves to extend the effectiveness of the repellency, and give the fabric greater longevity.  UV 50+ SPF is also in place, to protect the rider.

For me, this collection of features makes the Dottore L1 Bib Short stand out, when compared to other products on the market.

The price of this bib short is comparable to other high end offerings from other brands, and I can certainly vouch for the investment, as the performance of the Dottore L1 is matched by its longevity.   My original set from 2016 is still part of my current cycling clothing, and they have been used on various cycling trips in Europe as well as many, many rides here in the UK.

Nivolet 2

Given the performance and reputation of the Dottore L1, it seems fitting that Q36.5 refer to it as the Salopette Dottore Classic for 2020.  It is available in Black, Squalo (grey) and Navy.

A Salopette Dottore L1 Lady is also part of Q36.5’s Essential Collection. The Lady version of the shorts is specifically created for the female body when cycling, and incorporates different levels of support and compression, whilst ensuring the performance benefits of the Dottore Classic are provided.  I have friends who use the Salopette Dottore L1 Lady, and they assure me that it is superb.


The Salopette Dottore X

New for 2020 is the Salopette Dottore X.  Q36.5 have completely re-designed the original Dottore to create this new version.  It is formed from a new fabric, and in a new pattern, to optimise product performance for the rider.  The fabric itself is lighter, with increased breathability and resilience, and the garment is created with minimal seams.

Features of the new product include:


For improved comfort, the area where the short contacts the saddle has no central seam, and Dyneema yarn is used for resilience, and also its ability to transfer heat.

Fusion Chamois:

Ergonomic studies ensure the chamois used within this bib short provides an extremely high level of comfort and performance.

Bib Straps:

Highly breathable, quick drying bib straps are of tubular construction, with an internal seam.  The format of the straps avoids twisting, whilst keeping the shorts in position.

Graduated Compression:

A new level of graduated compression for enhanced pedalling efficiency and reduction in muscular fatigue, The Y pattern visible in the fabric is integral to the graduated compression and aerodynamic efficiency.

Lumbar Support:

Fabric weave density is at its greatest in this area of the bib short. This assists stability, orientation and balance, for improved cycling efficiency and performance.

Wow, that summary of features really builds the anticipation to using the Salopette Dottore X!

I have a set of these new bib shorts, and I am really looking forward to trying them, and providing you with a full product insight during the summer.

If you would like any further information about the Salopette Dottore bib short please feel free to drop me an email ( or head to