Tues 29th Dec – Blog Post by Emma

After a few days off the bike from Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, we were enthused to be out riding again.  Today’s ride took us to the fringes of the Peak District. As the weather was so mild for December with a not too strong southerly breeze, we headed up onto Thorncliffe.

This was our third day of riding, having bagged some flatter, endurance miles on Sunday and then rolling hills in Cheadle’s surrounding countryside the day before……our legs were feeling it.  My legs were saying “a flattish 50 please” but with such a fantastic forecast, my heart was saying “head to the hills”.  In the past I’ve avoided multiple days on the bike, knowing it’d be tough on the legs.   These days I listen to Grant’s sound words…..”Don’t know what you’re worrying about, you’ll be fine” and it always rings true!

Do you ever have fun / silly names for different points on your rides? We do, Grant and his friends are great at coining these!  My favourite one is the affectionately named “Dip of Doom” !!  It really isn’t anything to fear, it’s a very short incline that you have to ride up following a dip in the road out near Wetley Rocks.  However, it features at a point in the ride where you still have about 20 miles to go, your legs are screaming “no more hills please” and your mind is wandering to matters such as dinner, a hot bath and a cuppa!


The Dip of Doom…..survived one more time….all in all a really great December ride, a must-do on such a fabulous day……before Storm Frank brings an enforced, but much needed, rest day.