Product Review by Grant

Shave Cream by Veloskin

The Shave Cream carries the brand’s signature, fresh, citrus scent, created by the inclusion of orange blossom and bergamot. It is a subtle, clean fragrance, which adds to the experience of using the product, and complements the other high quality ingredients which are used to form the Cream.

Like the Chamois Cream, the Shave Cream is quite dense in texture, which makes it easy to remove from the canister, and to use.  On application, it’s density immediately changes, and the Cream applies readily and evenly across the skin.

To gauge the performance of the Veloskin product, I used it alongside a shaving gel by a popular, long-standing brand, who manufacture shaving products and accessories.


Setting aside appearance and fragrance of the Creams when shaving, the difference in performance of each product was noticeable. The Veloskin Shave Cream provides a much more comfortable shave, in which the razor travels smoothly and consistently, without causing any irritation. The resulting shave being close, clean, and with no visible skin damage or discomfort.

To create the product, Veloskin use more than ten natural ingredients, which are specifically chosen for their properties to care for the skin both during and after shaving. I certainly found the choice of ingredients results in a superb Shave Cream.

Since the trial, I have continued to use the Veloskin Shave Cream virtually every day for a number of months, and it has continued to provide the same level of performance and comfort.

If you are looking for an excellent Shave Cream, VeloSkin’s is really worth checking out.

Post Shave Lotion by Veloskin

The Post Shave Lotion is a rich, smooth cream, which can be can be applied to either legs or face after shaving.  The lotion has the natural fragrance of orange blossom and bergamot, which VeloSkin use as their trademark scent. This subtle fragrance is something I really like.

Applying the product is very user friendly, as the texture of the Lotion makes it easy to remove from the canister and apply. It’s natural fragrance is noticeable, and the lotion’s creamy, relatively thick texture easily smoothes into the skin. From a personal perspective, I find only a small amount of the Lotion is needed to protect from the effects of shaving, making this high quality product, cost effective too.

VeloSkin Shave Lotion

I have sensitive skin, and have found the VeloSkin Post Shave Lotion takes away the potential of irritation. To test the effectiveness of the product (combined with the VeloSkin Shave Cream), I chose not to use the products on an area of skin. This resulted in both visible signs of irritation, and the sensations that accompany this. On reinstating their use, the irritation eased, and quickly disappeared.

To achieve the effectiveness of the Lotion, VeloSkin utilise ten active ingredients. Their inclusion serves to soothe and guard against irritation, nourish, hydrate, restore pH balance of the skin, have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, promote skin health, cool and protect.

The Post Shave Lotion by VeloSkin is a product which I have found to be highly effective at protecting the skin from the effects of shaving, and its formulation has a strong bias to natural ingredients. These are the qualities I look for when purchasing a Post Shave product. If this is what you are also looking for, the Post Shave Lotion by VeloSkin is highly recommended.

It is also worth noting that the Cream and Lotion are suitable for both men and women.


Having now tried four of the five skincare products in the range (check out my previous post on for my review of the Chamois Cream and Soothing Gel), I am really looking forward to using the VeloSkin Moisturiser. I’ll let you know how I get on.  To view the full product range, head to