Mario Kummer of Q36.5 recently visited the UK.  During his time here, he spent an evening at Swinnerton Cycles, one of the UK’s main stockists of the Q36.5 range of clothing.

Q36.5 are an Italian company who create high performance cycling equipment, based in Bolzano, on the edge of the beautiful Dolomite Mountains.  Mario began with a presentation about the brand, providing an insight into its history, the founder, Luigi Bergamo, their approach to design, production and sustainability.

Mario provided information about the clothing offered by Q36.5, and the ethos of their Essential Collection.  This is a range of high performance equipment, comprising minimalist design, formed in a way to enable cyclists to sustain a healthy body temperature.  It also serves to provide protection from the elements throughout the seasons, whether training, racing, or carrying out recreational cycling, in more demanding conditions.

Cross Over Equipment

Q36.5 also offer Cross Over Equipment, a range of stylish, urban sportswear, incorporating their design flair with high performance fabrics.  The Active Trouser features an adjustable waist and leg. These subtle details provide on bike functionality, should you choose to wear them for a commute, but do not compromise their style, or potential for other activities.   The Hoody, Vest and Jacket include reflective inserts. These are a great addition whether walking, running, or cycling in low light or darkness.

Having used a number of items from this range, I can vouch for its comfort and versatility, whether being active or simply relaxing.

Cruise Equipment

Much of my cycling is carried out in the UK, and I particularly enjoy our Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. Q36.5’s Cruise Equipment is extremely suited to the variable conditions we experience, as it is designed to provide thermal comfort when temperatures are in the region of ten to sixteen degrees Celsius, and it has wind blocking, and water resisting properties.

Q36.5’s UF Active fabric plays a significant role in the performance of the Cruise Equipment. The fabric comprises a dense outer layer with a fine Merino wool interior. Its construction is highly breathable, retains warmth even when damp, and dries quickly.

The Cruise Equipment comprises of jerseys, an insulative vest and accessories in the form of arm, leg and knee warmers.  The on-bike comfort is something to be experienced. The thermal comfort provided by these lightweight garments is excellent.  This is complemented by a close fit, with the stretch and shape enabling ease of movement.

Rider visibility is aided by the inclusion of colour panels, reflective inserts and zip. The jerseys and vest have discrete pockets with ample capacity for nutrition, phone, essentials case and additional layers or waterproof shell.

Having used items of Cruise Equipment for riding in the hills, flatlands, and various training intensities, its versatility and comfort is something I really value.

Summer 2019

For this summer, there are mix technical developments, new colours, and eye catching graphics.  The new Jersey Short Sleeve Seta is subtly stylish, and is offered in Tiffany (light blue) or Anthracite.  It’s hard to choose a favourite between the two, but for me, the Tiffany just takes it.

This jersey offers an advancement in performance and versatility, enabling a cyclist to remain comfortable, even during high levels of exertion in warm conditions, and when riding in cooler, summer temperatures.  This, in the main, is achieved by incorporating silk and silver thread into the fabric.  Silver thread also provides anti-bacterial properties to the garment.

When designing the jersey, Q36.5 incorporated a new collar, and panel layout and their invisible pocket system features within the Short Sleeve Seta.  Having used other jerseys with this pocket design, I can confirm it is superb, whether packing just enough for a short ride, or all which is needed for a day in the mountains.

A reflective panel has been added to the rear of the jersey.  This is an excellent addition, whether riding in low light, darkness, or passing through tunnels when traversing high mountain roads.

I am really looking forward to trying this new summer jersey…..will it surpass my current favourite, the Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe?

The Jersey Short Sleeve L1 Pinstripe is something not to be overlooked. New colours have been added to the men’s and ladies’ versions.  It is now offered in an array of colours ranging from stealthy black, to white, orange or purple.   This is a jersey both myself and Emma have used extensively in the UK and abroad, and we love its comfort and versatility.

If you would like to add something really eye catching and stylish to your cycling kit, check out the Jersey Short Sleeve G1.  The Jersey is offered in a men’s and ladies’ version. The graphics are both stunning and beautiful, incorporating an Oriental Dragon, or designs inspired by Rain Forests.

Dragon jersey

Q36.5 ensure performance is never overlooked, and combine fabrics, fit, and design details to enhance the ride, giving comfort, UV protection, high quality zips, and cargo provision.

The  Salopette Miles Gregarious is the platform of the Ultra Black version of this bib short.  The updated version includes numerous upgrades, which I believe will elevate the comfort and performance of the garment.  Design features of the Salopette Elite have been carried over to the Miles Gregarious Ultra Black.  This includes a pre-shaped cut, panel placement and minimal seam, bib strap, and lumbar support. Dyneema thread is included within certain panels of these shorts, this provides, resilience, reduces heat build up, and minimises slippage at the rider, saddle interface for improved effeciency.


The Ultra Black is also constructed from a new fabric, includes an advanced leg band, and high quality moulded chamois.  As this new bib short is influenced by the superbly comfortable Salopette Elite, and carries its own specific features, I anticipate this will be an excellent new addition to the collection.

The new Half Short Lady is an addition Emma is really pleased about.  She is a fan of the convenience that a waisted short provides,the female rider, but looks for a short which is comfortable when cycling all day, and has the versatility to perform in a broad range of conditions and intensities.

The Half Short Lady benefits from research carried out by Q36.5, which has enabled them to create a high level of comfort and a flattering fit.  Features such as the leg finish (no tight, unflattering banding), lumbar support panel, high quality women’s specific chamois, and a new fabric contribute to the performance of this product.  Emma has been fortunate to use these shorts for a number of rides, and plans on adding more to her collection.

Tropical Pink

I hope this information helps to provide an insight into some of the current range, and new items we can expect for Summer 2019, but more detail is of course available on the Q36.5 website at or

Winter 2019

The evening also included an opportunity to view a number of the new products which will be introduced later this year, for the Autumn and Winter season.  I really enjoy using equipment designed for our late or early season temperatures, making the new Hybrid Que X a really exciting future addition.

Lightweight, low bulk and ease of movement was historically something that I looked forward to when temperatures and conditions allowed me to pack away my winter cycling clothing.

However, Q36.5 are able to create these qualities within their winter equipment, and items such as the Termica Jacket, Long Salopette in both L1 and Termica versions have been refined for Winter 2019.

In Part 2, to follow later in the year, I will cover the winter items in more detail, but for now, let’s look forward to sunny days and long bike rides.